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Connected Wallet Count 71245
Current Block 194
Current Effort 57%


coin cryptocurrency exchange TRADING IN ECN OR ECOIN FOLLOWS INCLUDING technology that allows for buy out-right or pay simply by channelling a percentage of future income meeting requirements in a tier level payment contract

 eCoin Network Overview

432 New Users


13% from last fiscal year

BUY In value

13% from last fiscal year

Average BUY

13% from last fiscal year

Safety and Security Assured

Transactions verified

20% from last fiscal year

New Domains this Year

2% from last fiscal year

New Products

13% from last fiscal year

Coin Health

Coin Visits


13% from last fiscal year

Coin Forks

13% from last fiscal year

Coin Price

13% from last fiscal year

ecoin core principles

Bitcoin currency is strong and has good price change and stability over time. However for real depth in price variance, coin-fold acceleration, and absolute value (storage wealth) only ecoin with the combination of (1) skills in decentralised verification, every sixth confirmation stenciling in your ecnWallet address producing coin and getting your fee, with (2) what we call coin career. Like a human generating coin meanwhile his career applys Psucute convergent code to task build components of anything buildable. generating Career. With infinite data or near the value of one share reach into the millions of pounds so I imagine the price of ecoin is gonna rise very fast initially and remain active in high bracket storage wealth successfully completing in time the ecoin powered network of individual unique merit.

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ECN/BTC 1.6045118707327E-5ECN/BTC

ECN/AEON 5.9596338571429ECN/AEON

Following information gathered and verified about bitcoin trading reviews we have compiled this software coin experience to be of the very best deployment of autopilot storage wealth gain and trade system

Get ecoin on Windows 10

ecoin miner available for the windows 10 app store


ecoin features out-gun the competition

1. Buy now pay later feature allows for better pricing

2. Own fork with any target variation due to hash lock

3. Profit from mining or in app sales and usuage billing returning funds upon transaction success

4. You must pay up to 7% of income to pay for either bridge use or spent pay later actions

5. Personal Sanction or complaint option

6. Genesis transaction tossed on to new block

7. NEW Biscuit Base own fork editable php supplied by OSIREM

8. Trial Upgrades at 70% original value payment immediate or deferred

9. Q.A.G.E Directors business model built in and applicable

Use ecoin web version for website mining monetization

Enjoy high hesh rate over 30000 mozilla open console 10000 in chrome. Send traffic to your ecoin web core enabled powered by ecoin website and mine ecoin scripts for your business. Design new biscuits for crawling crypto content.

ecoin web viewer ecoin web miner ecoin script generator ecoin js script generator
Static share viewer currently rotating ECN ecoin web miner with lowton passing lowest mark to base every 7 minutes guaranteeing share. In the address canoical variable 'admax' is relative to the exact number of cubes ECN ecoin script miner generating code programming components and coin wealth ECN Biscuit Base NameServed 'World Wide Heshbeb' ecoin Example C JS Generator
ecoin eglx ecoin ecnbecoin gridseed ecoin gridseed ecn Biscuit Base gridseed
Biscuit Principle Runners Biscuit Principle Runners Auto Mining Off

Changelly ecoin exchange value in pounds sterling



Product Features


group is a collection of individuals who coordinate their individual efforts.

Quantum Angel

ECN Fusion comes from Quantum Angel 2018 on Windows 10 App Store. Character Items Equipment, Mission Component Trading including a texture generarator fully trade enabled. A percentage of all the fees gathered goes toward raising the price of the coin and a percentage goes to the miners of ecoin 


Fully Tradeable means every texture each component block inserted can be either bought out-right for use in your own component (also tradeable) or allowing for higher price tiers if the component, texture, mesh, in-app command or system or whatever is too expensive you may access an implementation contract of tier level payments where every reward received a percentage of the amount is paid down tiers (add link).


The true strength behind ECN ecoin comes from the reliability and security of a new type of de-centralised blockledger system making safe a reality of majority share plus all the fold of coin for the users.

Tradeables - Store Compact

Fully Tradeable means every texture each component block or mesh inserted can be either bought out-right for use in your own component (also tradeable) or allowing for higher price tiers if the component, texture, mesh, in-app command or system or whatever is too expensive you may access an implementation contract of tier level payments where every reward received a percentage of the amount is paid down tiers (add link).

Tier Level payments can be thought to initiate rewards in both directions in a couple of ways by design. If you receive contract sign ups then you'll wanna boost the quality rank and level of the components bought out-right or activated tier level contracts and so tier contracts reactivate at 70% level for each provided and agreed compliant update to the component, command or product.

ecoin enabled systems and sub-systems enjoy gold-like essence enriching processes through singular programming brilliance and productivity by design.

Unique Traffic Sources

Install ecoin to mine a website or use a gridseed by firing hits and clicks at the page profusely increasing your overall network hesh rate per second and share rate crucially

bitcoin-office.com coins

Receive eXtra majority rewards including maintained storage wealth of a high fee enabled bull model coin turn around in the wake of bitcoin and litecoin arms race madness we have a solution which is human lense hard ecoin-core open source repository.

BUY-in Options

The luxury filled lensing process of ecoin starts either by pre-empting a credit card, or paypal payment, or within the visual light miner windows 10, or web view versions, found above, earning majority share from votes on each block. Plus the ability to scan through the shares and place a democratic opinoin on the produced material going to win the block. Both methodologies work well generally and tend to specifically work well together as a mixture of buying in large amounts and better mining transacting and riding returns in component sales on network through the coin value changes by mining and allways gaining in amount and value.


ecn worth

ECN/btc 0.0068732

ecn worth

ECN/btc 0.095792

ecn worth

ECN/btc 4.25194

ACTION PLANhow does this work

The way the trading happens here at extra exchange uses a unique token system to allow instant transfer of value. The tokens are fullfilled when the correct alignment of users, traders, buyers and sellers arrive in time.

Our PromiseTo You

Globalscape services believes in persistance of vision means 100% uptime swift responses and automatic fullfillment of tokens. We also entrust our users website affiliates and other ecoin related vendors to use fees low enough to allow rapid development in terms of coin transactions however high enough maintaining a valid storage wealth in the system.